Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Time Flies, When You're Having TASG Fun

This is me handing out awards, by the way. In my first effort, I looked a lot more insane - I thought this was more in keeping with the friendly nature of the TASG.

Tom's whole body creaks as he pushes himself up from his rocking chair. He hobbles over to the front door, and is greeted by an infant with a decidedly odd accent.

"Oh, you've grown so much, little TASG!" says Tom, "I remember when you were but knee-high to a grasshopper!"

This scene would perhaps be more suited to a later edition of The Best of TASG, but you know what I'm getting at. We've come a long way, baby - we've shared a lot; in fact I think I've shared a bit too much at times, and it's been fun. Looking back over our stellar first three months, I'd like to highlight to following as my Best Bits:

Best Overall Post:

From Allison, our resident Canuck, my favourite post has been Fears, Beers and Cheers. This, in my most humble opinion is what the TASG is all about, and I have no shame in admitting that the paragraph beginning with 'Do you blame me...' tugged at my heartstrings. It's like you were strumming my pain with your fingers Allison, singing my life with your words.

And from Lauren, our American chum, Being Realistic Is Never My Thing. Lauren, I love your oddity - and I mean that in a good way. You're a little bit mad, and I admire that. It would only be better if you were from Mars and therefore a Space Oddity, but I shall make do. Anyway, this post did not disappoint - only you could say you wanted to grow up to be Librarian Hippie Elvis and pull it off. I was pleased to read you've always been as weird and wonderful as you are now. Long may it continue.

Funniest Post:

Allison: An Open Letter to my Resumé. The frustration is evident, but it's also bloody funny. 'Don't get me started on your friend Cover Letter'.

And Lauren, the relationship application form in Maybe I Should Just Be a Nun is, I think, your funniest effort to date. Huzzah. I think both of the above would have been easy to write in a way that vented frustration and little else, but you both made really funny reads from quite difficult topics.

Best Title:

Allison: F%#k it, I'm Just Going to Get a Bunch of Cats. I promise I don't only find this funny because it contains a cunningly disguised naughty word - this post was a strong contender for for Allison's funniest post, too.

And Lauren, Attack of the Yank. A short, succinct and very apt title for her first TASG post which was a bloody good read. (A favourite line being 'I was born at a very young age, though I did not feel the need to talk or grow hair until I was approximately four years old. People not only thought I was retarded, but they thought I was a boy.')

Best Embarrassing Photo:

I like this award in particular, because the embarrassing photo wasn't even something we discussed before posting. It just happened, and I like that it did. So, without further ado, my votes for the Best Embarrassing Photos, 2010, go to:

Allison the Canuck for tips on disguises to avoid those awkward moments in I'll Leave You Alone Forever Now.

The second award in this category goes to Lauren the Yank for the New Wave Teddy Bear photo from Attack of the Yank. It had to be, really.

And so I draw this here post, and TASG 2010 to a close. I shall see you all on the first Wednesday of 2011, by which time I will hopefully have recovered from what's sure to be a significant hangover.
Best wishes for 2011 to Allison, Lauren and everybody who reads (now this is starting to sound like an acceptance speech - I must remember to thank my agent), let's hope it's a good one all round!
Over to you, New Year Teddy Bear.


  1. Thanks Tom! I never even thought to include little explanations! Damn! Oh well. My choices speak for themselves!

    Lauren should earn a prize for having that photo win the same category twice!

    Happy New Year!

  2. You've inspired me to edit my post!

    Canuck New Year's Post...New and Improved with extended commentary!

  3. It's like a director's commentary on a DVD, I enjoyed being able to consider the reasons why you made the decisions you did. Lauren does indeed deserve a prize for that picture.