Monday, 27 December 2010

The Best of the Last Three Months of 2010!

I know this blog has only been around for three months, BUT because it's New Year's week on The TASG blog I've decided to do a "Best of" type post! I'm a sucker for year-end "Best of" lists, as evidenced by my embarrassing photo for this week:

[Editor's Note: Tom's awesome post inspired me to add commentary to my choices]

Best Overall Post

Brit - A Carnival of Horrors - Tom, I really feel like you went out on a limb with this one. You were open, honest and witty about your relationship. I admire this post a lot. Good job!
Yank - Attack of the Yank - Lauren, you rocked your first post. It's funny and honest and oh so Lauren. I feel you gave our future readers a good overview of yourself.

Funniest Post

Brit - Ground, Swallow Me Up, ASAP! - This marks the first time genitalia is mentioned in a TASG post, recieving a xxx rating by the author himself. I love that you shared that oh so awkward tale with us Tom! Love you!
Yank - Maybe I Should Just Become a Nun - I believe I actually LOL'd when reading this post!

Best Title

Yank - Party Don’t Start Till I Walk In (Tonight Anyways - Most Nights it Doesn’t Start at All) - I just think it's funny...and honest. We can't all be drunk bitches like Kei$ha partying 24/7. I'd go see Original Sound Trash before her any day!

Best Embarrassing Photo

Brit - Frog - This was hard - but I had to go with this sad frog. It's not easy being green, eh, Tom?

Yank - New Wave Teddy Bear - She grew hair and isn't she so cute? Baby Lauren for the win!

Hope you enjoyed that blast from the not-so-distant past! Happy New Year from The Canuck! When I post (here) next it will be 2011! Woo!

See ya Wednesday Tom!


  1. I'm glad the cousin-flashing incident made it to your best of list.

    I'm off to write mine now. I completely didn't realise today was Wednesday.

  2. Cheers to even more fun in 2011!

  3. I have re-read the post, this time with comments. I did go out on a limb a bit with the relationship post - it was a tough one that! I'm also very proud to have been the first to lower the tone and mention genitalia on this here blog. It's an accolade I'll cherish!

  4. Glad you like my new and improved post!