Friday, 10 December 2010

Party Don't Start Till I Walk In (Tonight Anyway - Most Nights It Doesn't Start At All)

Tonight, I feel like I'm still in college.

It's Friday night and I'm eating and sandwich while staring at the clothes in my closet and wondering what I should wear. In approximately 34 minutes, a dance party is going to break out in my kitchen. There's going to be a disco ball and people dancing on tables and booze galore.

I'm the DJ. I have enough dance music on my laptop to keep everyone dancing for hours. And all my friends will be there.

Well, all of my new friends. Meaning my lovably dysfunctional hippy family that I live in a commune with.

It's weird how fast I've gotten to know them. If someone told me a year ago that after college my social circle would expand to include people of all ages and personality types, I might not have believed it. In college, I was always good at finding people who were a lot like me in some way or another. Which is not necessarily a bad thing - some of the best friendships I have were formed in college.

But so much changed after college. People got married. People moved away. People fell into the corporate world. There are a handful of people from college that I will always consider to be close friends, but it will never be what it was like in college.

Which leads to a great phenomenon that I'm too familiar with - being alone on a Friday or Saturday night even though you have a great stock pile of friends.

I don't have that problem tonight, but maybe I will next week. Maybe I'll even have it tomorrow night. Who knows.

At least in the commune, there's always the back-up plan of drinking tea with baby boomers.

I live in a sitcom world, I swear.

Anyway, I've got a dance party to attend to. And since I'm the DJ, the party don't start until I walk in.

Dammit. I just quoted Kesha (I refuse to put dollar signs in her name). Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

That's all. Embarrassing photo will be added later. I can't find the one I'm thinking of right now.

Update: Okay - here's the embarrassing photo. It's me DJing a party in college!


  1. I would totally hire you to DJ a kitchen party for me!

    I wrapped presents and watched Christmas Specials tonight...I partied enough last night!

    I love the post-graduation friendships because they end up being such a mixed bag of people. All the weird and wonderful people you meet once you're out in the real world. You also discover who your real friends from university are - the ones who stick by you. I'll be seeing my best friends from university on Sunday. I see them something like twice a year, but whenever we're together I laugh till I cry. Miss them!

    Hey, Lauren - this post is date stamped Friday! Woo Hoo!

    Next week we can tackle some of these issues again...with out Getting Older theme (in honour of Mr. Wednesday's birthday!)

  2. You know how much I think going dancing with you would be loads of ridiculous fun, so this sounds like it was ah-may-zing! Pictures of the night?! :)

  3. Your hair is so short in that picture!