Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

It all started of so well. It was October and I was already buying Christmas presents, determined not to leave it until Christmas Eve as I usually do. I could feel myself growing more and more festive with each falling leaf, warm drink and passing day. At the beginning of December, I had become so Christmassy it was almost unbearable.

Then The Universe (who is a longstanding friend of Lauren's, actually) decided to thwart my festive cheer. I witnessed a group of students try to set a Christmas Tree on fire. I was stuck at work while my family decorated the house. My work party ended with me fighting back vomit on the District Line. In the office the next day, with a killer hangover, three separate deals went catastrophically wrong. I even got a cold, which did nothing for my mood. Hello Darkness, my old friend. Where did my sparkly, warm holiday go? Where was the optimism and joy that had been so abundant just a few days before?

I was ready to file this Christmas in a file marked 'FAIL'; but then it snowed. Snow makes everything look so clean and peaceful - and so incredibly Christmassy. Something stirred, a resistance to the bad mood I'd immersed myself in. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I watched Home Alone, followed by Love Actually, and cracked open a box of chocolates. Then Allison emailed me with a picture of a card she'd made me, and I received another card from another blogger (can I just say, you Canadians put me to shame - you're the best around Christmas! And if that's not a prime example of the TASG doing its job, I don't know what is!). The next day, one of the designers at work brought in a CD of festive classics, which we've been playing non-stop in the office. Gradually, all the nice and pretty things I love about this time of year are pushing the gloom away. The present buying, the lights, the decorations, the drink - everything is fun and friendly and it would be a crime most heinous if I let a few poxy work issues get in the way.

No, I will let nothing me dismay, for I'm determined to have a good one this year. And I'll heed your warning Allison, and make sure there are no further wardrobe malfunctions! I ho-ho-hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, wherever you are.


  1. Yay! Happy Holidays Tom! Glad you like the card - email me your address and I can send it for real. It will obviously be late - but better late than never!

    I love your coat by the way...very nice :)

    Canadians are good at Christmas because we are happy to be celebrating something in the winter. Winter is just such a huge part of our culture and it's easy to get pissed off about the shoveling and the salt and ice and cold we put up lights and make the best of it.

  2. I agree with Allison -- Christmas makes Winter so much better! I live North-ish, and the ridiculous winters suck except for in December :)

    And Love Actually?!? Hells yes. I watched it twice last week. Best Christmas movie ever. Nothing can beat Hugh Grant's dancing.