About the TASG

Once upon a time there was a Yank, a Brit, and a Canuck who, each in their own little corners of the world, were feeling rather overwhelmed by life and felt like no one else understood them and their struggles. But then they realized that by joining forces through the power of the internet they wouldn't have to go through this alone. Welcome to the Transatlantic Support Group - a place to rant, a place to weep, a place to laugh.

While we have never met one another in person, we are reaching out across borders and oceans to collectively listen to Radiohead songs and talk about how the real world sucks. Each week will feature three posts - one from each of us on a specific theme. The themes will generally be about life as a 20-something and the quarter-life crisis experience.

The Transatlantic Triumvirate are:

Allison from My Quarter-life Crisis (Canada)
Lauren from Lauren vs. Reality (USA)
Tom from tbr-tangential (UK)