Monday, 20 December 2010

It's a Wonderful (20-Something) Life

This week we pretty much left the theme fairly open and just agreed to write holiday themed posts. I dubbed it A Very Merry Transatlantic Christmas!

For my post I’m going to write little messages to each of my co-TASGers:

Dear Tom (The Brit),

Happy Christmas! I hope Santa (or Father Christmas or whatever you Brits call him...Saint Nick?) is good to you. My Christmas wish for you this year is that if you overindulge in some spiked eggnog that you check yourself before you wreck yourself in front of your cousin...aka...don’t flash her.

But seriously, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. Glad we’re in this crazy Captain Planet-like team (squad?) together. I look forward to Wednesdays!

Dear Lauren (The Yank),

Are you simply having a wonderful Christmas time? I hope so. Rock out some carols on the keytar and spike your coffee with Bailey’s and all will be well in the world.

My Christmas wish for you is that you continue to explore your creative side and meet new wonderful people in the commune. Sounds like they’ve become a second family to you and that’s awesome. I’m glad it’s exceeding your expectations.

Enjoy every minute of it there, and I hope you have a lovely holiday with your family. Can’t wait to see where this little project goes in 2011!

I hope you don’t take it personally when I tease you when your posts are late - I actually think it’s funny. Just don’t die for real, okay?

Also, to our readers! You are a small but dedicated bunch! Thank you for reading and commenting and supporting this project in general. What started as a joke between us blossomed into a real project that I’m proud to be part of. You guys are excellent support group members. Happy Holidays to you - whatever you celebrate.

So now I’m going to put on my Snuggie and watch a few Christmas movies on DVD...perhaps Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story, maybe even some Rudolph or Frosty! Maybe make some hot chocolate or tea. I’m finished all my shopping, so now I just to just relax and wait for the fat man to bring me some presents (kidding, the holidays are about giving, not receiving!)

Anyways love you guys!

Major Tom - it’s your time to shine! See ya Wednesday!


  1. Aw :) Love you Allison! This post makes me smile. How did you know that the only thing I REALLY want to do for Christmas is to play the keytar and drink coffee with Baileys in it? Hehe.
    And I think it's funny when you tease me about being late, so it's all good. I will continue to avoid dying for real (no magic gingerbread cookies for me...).
    Anyway, I'm really glad we got this whole TASG thing going and I'm excited to see where it goes in 2011.
    Also, you look fabulous in a Santa hat.

  2. Thanks Lauren! You should host an impromptu carol session in the kitchen. Unless hippies are against Christmas. I supposed they're just against the commercial aspect. The joy and the singing should be okay, right?

    Thanks - I've had that Santa hat since I was a kid. Also, the orangeness of my room makes me look less pale and sickly than I actually am. So pale and sickly!


  3. This is so festive!

    PS: This blog makes me feel like I have a cafeteria table to sit at during lunch. Thanks guys! Merry Christmas!

  4. Thanks Adria! I'm glad we've created a place where everyone feels they belong!

  5. I concur, this is incredibly festive, so it's fitting that I've read it just before writing my Christmas-themed post.

    I hope you have a fantastic Christmas too. It's come around so quickly!

  6. Thanks Tom! I feel pretty festive!