Monday, 28 February 2011

A Day in the Life

This week we are doing photo-centric posts - little photo essays. I decided to take my camera to work with me so I could chronicle my early morning shift for you guys. If any of you read my main blog, My Quarter-life Crisis, you'd know that last week I slept in and was late. Not this week! Yay!

I got up earlier than this actually - I just wanted you to see how insanely early it was.
Walking to work. It was raining and smelled like skunk. Spring is coming.
Huge puddles in the sidewalk reflecting street lights. Good thing I wore my rain boots.
Light in a puddle.
At work. Someone I work with must have drawn this on one of the chalk mugs.
Cinnamon topping!
I thought the cherry danishes looked particularly delicious today.
Espresso portafilters.
Sadly this was my own money. Trying to encourage generosity. 
Rain stopped, but snow continued to melt into huge puddles.
Dirty slush.
I found my bowler hat. But the photo is so dark you can't tell.
 I was trying some sort of 80s Molly Ringwald look here.
So there ya have it - my morning in photos. Now I'm going to nap because it's Monday and that means I have Quiz Night at the pub tonight. I have a bit of a sore throat too, so I want to rest up.

Also, we lost the 20-Something Blogger's Bootleg award for Best Group Blog. Guess not that many people know about us.

I just had to laugh, Tom, I saw the photograph...

See ya Wednesday.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh man, if you thought the rainy snow stuff was bad this morning, you should have seen it at 11pm last night! Or, maybe you did. I got soaked running from my car to the front door.

    Bleck. Did you guys get the super-freeze in TO that we got just north of the city as well?

    Also... I miss working as a barista.

  2. Yesterday it was just starting to melt. I've heard it's supposed to freeze tonight - so that will make for a slippery walk home. I'm not sure where you live Tabs, but I live 45 mins west of Toronto. Closer to Hamilton.

    Working as a barista is fun sometimes. But damn these early mornings!

  3. @Allison - I live 45 minutes north of Toronto, near the Orangeville area... so that works out to close to an hour and a bit from you I believe.

  4. Cool Tabs - I have family in the Newmarket area. I also went to York - so a lot of people I knew lived up there.

  5. So cool. I love the idea of capturing a day at work in photos. It's such a huge part of life, and something we never really take pictures of.

    And, as always, I love your photos! The danish and cinnamon photos are just excellent.

  6. Yeah - I guess most jobs you can't really take a camera to. I was lucky and no customers were in the store when we opened (probably cause of the weather) and I could take these photos without looking like a weirdo.

    I was happy how the one's inside the cafe turned out!

  7. Nicely done!
    Love the bowler hat. :D

  8. Thanks! I have a strange hat collection.

  9. My office has a rule that every Friday someone has to buy cake. Today it was my turn, I was inspired by your photo to treat everyone to Danish pastries. They were not disappointed. Thank you for being my inspiration, my muse. :)