Sunday, 20 February 2011

Coffee Is My Lover

Ack.  So this is late.  Again.  And I am exhausted, so it will probably be short and not very sweet.  But here it is - the letter to the love of my life:

Dear Coffee,

You're the first thing I want to see in the morning.  I just can't get enough of you.  You are my inspiration, my elixir of life, my love.  You energize me.  You comfort me.  You're black and strong and @#$%ing fantastic.

I just want to pour you in a cup and take you everywhere.  I want you.  All the time.  Yes.

Longer letter later, my love.  I need to go track you down if I want to continue to be awake.

The Yank

(Embarrassing photo to come)


  1. I having mad insomnia...I blame coffee. I had a cup this morning because I was was just crappy diner coffee...but it eas good. Glad you still posted. I know you had a crazy weekend!

  2. Hang on...I'm sure you gave up coffee. Dragged you back in has it? HAHA I knew it would. I'm not being smug, I'm well and truly under coffee's thumb.

    Short and not sweet - what better way to write an ode to coffee?

  3. I kind of wish I still had that love with coffee. Sadly, since eradicating it from my body, I can't have more than one cup without getting severely ill.