Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Here Comes The Rain Again

"What's that?" I hear you say, "This is supposed to be an open letter to something you love!" That's correct, and rain is indeed something I love. Which is fortunate, being British and all.

Dearest Rain,

I fear language will fail me. How can words describe the depth of my feeling for you? How can I properly express my extreme fondness for you?

We've been lucky enough to share so many good times together. Do you remember how I missed you when I lived in Italy? How my heart yearned to see you again? And, when you eventually arrived, with a gloriously heavy downpour and deafening rumbles of thunder, how I frolicked happily, giggling like a schoolgirl, through the gridlocked traffic in Piazza Repubblica?

Now I'm back in the UK, we see each other far more often than we once did. I feel I've grown close to you again, regardless of that year we spent apart. Even now, as temperatures begin to rise and that pesky Sun begins to peek through the clouds, I know in my heart that the Great British Summer will not tear us apart. Au contraire, you'll make a number of unexpected, out of the blue appearances that will fill me with joy and keep me happy until winter rolls around and we can get better acquainted again.

You understand me, you do. How could you not, after such a long friendship? I'm amazed that whenever I feel down, your grey, threatening clouds reflect my mood and - on the rare occasion that happiness seizes me - how your playful little raindrops bounce merrily off the pavement, sparkling and glittering in reflected light. I know you're not at the top of everybody's guest list, but I don't care about that. You're at the top of mine. I've never been one to worship the popular kid - everybody raves about how great the Sun is, and I don't get it. I'll always root for you - the underdog, the unappreciated.

And that just about sums you up doesn't it, Rain? You're unappreciated. All the good that you do - you make plants grow, rivers flow, my hair look cool. Sure, you've ruined the odd pair of jeans - and there was that time I wore converses with holes in and had to dry out my socks on the hand drier at work. But what's one small blip, one tiny, insignificant misunderstanding in a lifetime of happiness?

It's nothing, that's what it is. While you, my friend, are everything.

As always, I wish you the best and wait with anticipation for our next meeting.

Yours truly,



  1. What an odd, but delightful love you have there Tom.

    I have a pair of rain boots that I think are cute - and I love fun colourful umbrellas.

  2. What a lovely ode to rain :) I enjoyed reading that.
    I am fond of rain if it isn't a major nuisance to me. For instance.. if if gets me soaked on the way to work, not a fan.. but if I'm heading home, I may stroll along merrily.
    And rain is better than snow. Here's to spring!

  3. I'm not gonna lie. I love the rain, especially at night when I'm in bed. But rain messes up my shoes in the morning.

    So rain and I? We kinda have a love-hate relationship.

  4. I totally love the rain, too! I just wrote something yesterday about how weird Los Angeles rain is...maybe I'll post it tonight. I've been thinking about it.

    Great writing, Tom, per usual.

  5. I'm curious as to how rain makes your "hair look cool." What planet do you live on?!? Rain, for me def. = BAD hair day. Maybe it's because you're a dude.

  6. Beautiful.

    I too have a love of the rain. One of my favourite nights is when two girlfriends and I ran outside and danced in the rain during a thunderstorm. Everyone and their mother was out at a wedding reception that we were not invited to, so instead we made the best of it by dancing in the rain and drinking wine.

    Oh what a night.

  7. @ Allison - 'odd but delightful'. I'd quite like that on my gravestone!

    @ Amanda - yes! Spring! Finally. I take your point about the love of rain depending on the circumstances - rain's a cruel mistress and isn't always friendly. God, Tom, stop personifying rain.

    @ Gnetch - a bit like you and me then? JOKING.

    @ Adria - thank you! And I'm heading over to check out your blog this evening, so will see if the rain post made the cut!

    @ K-Money - my dudeness may well have something to with it. I like it when my hair's short and it rains, it goes all Sonic the Hedgehog.

    @ Tabs - that sounds amazing, and you're lucky to have friends that appreciate the rain as much as you do. I'm not so lucky, I'm shunned by my sun-worshipping peers!