Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ridiculous Dinner Party!

Ack.  I'm late.  Again.

I will spare you the excuses and just launch right into this...

Here's the mystery topic I got from Tom this week:

Lauren: your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to arrange a
dinner party. This party will be attended by one character from a
film, one from a book and one from a song/musical, and one real live
human.  Who would you invite?

Myself and Allison are already coming, obvs. And Old Hippy Poet.

Brilliant topic, Tom!

Here's what my dinner party would look like:

One character from a film:
Johnny Depp's character from "Benny and Joon."  Maybe we could make grilled cheese sandwiches on an ironing board and I could die happy.

One character from a book:
Dumbledore.  Don't judge.  My dinner party needs some wizard action.

One character from a song/musical:
Roger from "RENT."  He's pretty and he plays the guitar.  The end.

One real live human:
Amanda Palmer.  She's one of my main musical idols these days, so she should totally come to my dinner party. 

Okay, I think I just created the best dinner party of all time.

I think we're going to eat Chinese food.  With ironed grilled cheese sandwiches as an appetizer, naturally.  Amanda and Roger will provide the after-dinner music and Dumbledore will cast a magic spell on the noodles and egg rolls so they are neverending.

And then Old Hippy Poet would bring out a pie and forks for everyone and we would all eat pie.  Allison would make a playlist for the whole evening and Tom would be wearing a special scarf for the occasion. 

That is all.


  1. First off - Tom, what a fantastic and creative topic! I'm kinda jealous that we didn't all get to write this one (not that I didn't love writing about concerts - cause that was pretty awesome too).

    This sounds like a pretty awesome dinner party. Dumbledore should also do that thing where the ceiling looks like the sky and the candles hover in the air.

    I love that Old Hippy Poet brings pie. Mmm.

    Also, I think Tom should wear The Elder Scarf.

    Lastly, I may post back later with a playlist...

  2. Playlist for Lauren's Party:

    1) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues by Bob Dylan - For Tom and Old Hippy Poet (cause I assume he'd like Dylan)
    2) Allison by The Pixies - For me...
    3) Nitemare Hippy Girl by Beck - Can't find any well-known songs called Lauren. This song is sorta a joke, but has hipster cred cause it's by Beck.
    4) Battle of Who Could Care Less by Ben Folds Five - Piano rock at it's finest.
    5) The Air Near My Fingers by The White Stripes - I'm still sad I'll never see them live.
    6) Leaving for Paris No. 2 - Rufus Wainwright - For our fake trip to Paris, at our fake dinner party.
    7) The Song Ever Written by Stars - I just like this one.
    8) Twilight Galaxy by Metric - see Stars song.
    9) Drumming Song by Florance + The Machine - Again, I just like it.
    10) Creep by Radiohead - Just because.

  3. Also, since I didn't get to write this topic, I'm going to make up my own dinner party:

    1) Film character: Troy Dyer from Reality Bites
    2) Book Character: The Cancer Cowboy from JPod by Douglas Coupland OR Rob Fleming from Nick Hornby's High Fidelity
    3) Musical Character: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec from Moulin Rouge
    4) Real Person: Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men) is my hero.

    Tom and Lauren would be there as well :)

    Tom, I think you need to comment with yours as well!

  4. As discussed earlier, have been maniacally downloading Dresden Dolls since this post.

    I would never, ever judge you for iviting Dumbledore. Never. Every dinner party should have a wizard. Personally, I'd choose Gandalf, but that's just personally preference.

    My guests would be...*drum roll*

    Film Character: Ariadne from Inception so she could create an epic location with the power of her MIND.
    Book Character: Dracula. I imagine he'd have his steak rare.
    Song/Musical Character: Major Tom from Space Oddity - he'll be needing a decent meal after so long sitting in a tin can.
    Real Person: Stephen Fry