Friday, 19 November 2010

Lauren's Embarrassing List Of Guilty Pleasures

Okay, here we go.  THIS should be a fun post.  I think half of the things I like could probably considered guilty pleasures.  There are even some things that I should be ashamed of that I have loved for so long I no longer feel any guilt (i.e: Lady Gaga, reruns of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," 90's eurodance, etc.). 

But anyway, I'm going to attempt to boil this down into a cute little list.

I'll call this list "Lauren's Embarrassing List Of Guilty Pleasures."  The list will begin at this time:

*drum roll*

(in no particular order)

- Reality Television.  It's trashy, predictable, and an overall train wreck - but I can't look away. 

- The "Twilight" Movies.  These are possibly the worst films ever made, but something about them draws me in.  I make fun of them the whole time I'm watching them, of course, but the whole time I am secretly fascinated by the whole werewolf-vampire-human love triangle.  CONFESSION:  Somehow, I ended up with tickets to an exclusive pre-show of "New Moon."  A friend and I told everyone we were going to a rock show and snuck off to go watch "Twilight" in a room full of pre-teen girls and their mothers.  ANOTHER CONFESSION:  I have been to Forks, Washington.  I was on my way to Canada, but there were other routes I could have taken.  I went to Forks on purpose.

- t.A.T.u.  Remember those Russian lesbians that did that song "All The Things She Said" when we were all in middle school?  I never did take them off of my iPod... 

- The Black Eyed Peas.  With lyrics as simplistic and stupid as "let's do it, let's do it, let's do it, let's do it, let's dooooo it," I'm a little ashamed to say that The B.E.P.'s are one of my favorite things to jam out to in my car.  CONFESSION:  I secretly wish I was Fergie. ANOTHER CONFESSION:  I know all of the words to "Imma Be."

- Trashy late night advice talk shows on the radio.  My favorite radio station recently changed it's programming schedule and "Loveline with Doctor Drew" is no longer on weeknights at 11.  Discovering this shouldn't have made me as sad as it did. 

- The Food Network.  I don't cook, but I love watching other people cook. 

- Eating peanut butter with a spoon.  Out of the jar, naturally.  It's disgusting and I know it, but it's something that occasionally happens anyway (usually late at night).

- B-rated horror movies.  Actually, I've loved these kinds of movies for so long that I no longer really feel shame, but I thought it was worth mentioning.  CONFESSION:  My shelf of DVDs has two layers to it.  The outer layer is all the Wes Anderson films and things I feel as though I am allowed to like as a sophisticated film geek and a pseudo-hipster.  The inner layer is mostly b movie crap.  "Bela Lagose Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla," anyone?  Don't tell my hipster friends.

I feel as though I could make this list go on for a very long time but I am going to stop.  I think I have embarrassed myself enough for one week...

*scuttles away* 


  1. Drunk Allison is Drunk (only the TASG PEEPS will get this one) - it's true, I've had some wine. I'm old, so I get drunk off wine.

    Anyways, I totally eat peanut butter off a spoon like 3 times a week at least. It was going to be part of my comfort foods post ( week, we're gonna talk about comfort is a comfort food, btw)

    Anyways -'re awesome. Keep being a rock star...embarrassing guilty pleasures and all!

  2. Sober Allison is Sober and ready to comment properly!

    * I used to be a Reality TV junkie - but I cut myself off, cold turkey. I think I started to resent these people for being famous for being stupid.

    * I refuse to indulge in anything Twilight. Aside from watching YouTube videos mocking it. But it's understandable that you got swept up into the hysteria. I love that you made a detour on your trip to B.C. to stop in Forks.

    * The Food Network is awesome. My mom and I have actually made recipes we saw on the food network.

  3. I want my own cardboard cut-out version of Jacob!!

    And whenever "All The Things She Said" comes on my mp3 player, I make a mental note to delete it. It's been a few years, to say the least hahaha

  4. Lauren, you and I need to hang out and watch B-grade horror films.

    Plus, you should probably move to the Philippines. B.E.P are the unofficial national band of the country- you can't go out without hearing at least one B.E.P song.

    p.s: t.A.T.u? Fake lesbians! I'm ashamed that I even know this piece of useless of information.

  5. Allison - I feel like if you watched Twilight you would get hooked! :P Way to resist the craze.
    Also, I thoroughly enjoy your drunken comments. :D

    daniela - I'm glad you agree that Jacob is better than Edward. And why on earth would you want to delete "All The Things She Said?" :P

    epitaphforaheart - That's it, I'm moving to the Philippines. Get the b movies ready, I'm on my way.
    And I've heard that rumor about t.A.T.u. not being real lesbians but I never knew whether to believe it or not. Seems like kind of a stupid thing to fake.