Monday, 15 November 2010

I'm Not Guilty!

This week The TASG is writing about our guilty pleasures.

The thing about guilty pleasures is that they aren’t things we necessarily feel guilt over, but more shame and embarrassment. So really, these are our shameful pleasures - but that sounds naughty, so we’ll stick with guilty.

Usually guilty pleasures are associated with pop culture and hobbies that are generally regarded as uncool. I’m pretty much okay with being uncool for the most part - it’s part of my charm. High School’s over! I can embrace my strangeness!

Since I like making lists, I’m going to make some TOP 5 lists:


1. All Out of Love by Air Supply - I downloaded this because of a scene in this short-lived Canadian television series called JPod. The scene involves drunken karaoke and viral video.

2. Rasputin by Boney M - I remember a girl in high school used this song in history class for a project on Rasputin. Nothing beats campy dance music.

3. I Need You Now by Lady Antebellum - I like this overplayed, country-ish, pop song.

4. Pokerface by Lady GaGa - Lady GaGa frightens me, mostly because she reminds me of a cartoon villian. She just doesn’t seem real. But damn, this song is catchy.
Listening to GaGa...shhh.

5. My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors by Moxy Fruvous - Cheesy early 90s Canadian pop! This song is a about me, I swear.


1. A Walk to Remember - Mandy Moore, Shane West, a dying girl, a bad boy. This is one of those movies you pretend to hate in mixed company, but you secretly love.

2. Just Like Heaven - Reece Witherspoon is a ghost in limbo (sorta) and Mark Ruffalo is a drunk widow. So natural they fall in love. Don’t judge me!

3. 13 Going on 30 - Another Mark Ruffalo, only this time he’s paired with Jennifer Garner. A 13 year old girl wishes she was 30, and it happens.

Hugh Grant is so delightful.
4. Notting Hill - Hugh Grant! Julia Roberts! Yes please. A famous American actress meets a bumbling awkward Brit and they fall in love. Also, his roomate Spike kills me with his “Fancy a Fuck?” t-shirt.

5. Peter Pan - One of my favourite Disney movies. I have this one on VHS and DVD. "Think of a wonderful thought! Any happy little thought!..."


1. YouTube Vlogs - My life is boring, this is why I need people on YouTube to tell me about theirs.

2. Online Shopping - I feel like my mail carrier is judging me each time he sticks an box between my doors. Or an envelope from an Etsy seller.

3. Chocolate - I may have eaten a hand full of chocolate chips straight from the bag more than once.

4. The Blogosphere - I talked about this in my Real Life vs. Blog Life post, but I don’t really talk about my blog much in real life. But I have a morning routine. I wake up, take a shower, make a cup of tea, sit with my laptop and check my email, facebook, and sometimes YouTube, then I check my blogroll. I go through all the newly posted blogs, and even go back to some I skimmed or skipped before.

5. Gossiping - It’s not nice to be talked about - but let’s face it, it happens. It’s harmless if they don’t know about it. I think a good rant and rave is perfectly healthy, just as long as you’re not directly hurting someone, right? I’m not talking about celebrity gossip (I’ve freed my mind of that stuff). So it’s bad to admit, but I enjoy gossiping. There I said it.

Okay, so let the mocking begin!

And, also, do me a favour and check out Lauren’s post from Friday - it’s really funny.

See you Wednesday Tom!


  1. My favourite part of this is the OMG and texting picture.
    I remember that history presentation about Rasputin.. can't remember who did it, but that's where I discovered the song. "Oh those Russians!"


  2. OMG - I just texted you the answer to your question!

  3. I love 13 going on 30 too. Jen Garner and her damn dimples get me every time.

    I love your OMG face!

    I don't even want to start on my "guilty" list!


  4. Jennifer Garner is pretty adorable!

    Glad people are digging my photos.

    And don't be ashamed!

  5. 1. Great post!

    2. I have definitely eaten chocolate chips from the bag before.

    3. I used to be embarrassed to like Lady Gaga but now I just shamelessly admit it.

    4. I secretly love gossiping too. OMG!

    5. Ra-ra-Rasputin, lovah of the Russian queen...

  6. Notting Hill; the film that damned Hugh Grant to a lifetime of playing exactly the same role, a polite bumbling Englishman.

    Despite that, I can't not watch it if it's on. Mostly because I want to work in a bookshop in Notting Hill and have cool friends round for dinner. There's an idea, when I get my bookshop and house in Notting Hill, you and Allison are coming round. You can each bring one famous lover. It will be our own version of the film.

  7. Lauren -

    1. Thank You

    2. I only like some GaGa...

    3. OMG!

    4. There was a cat that really was gone

    Tom - A TRAVEL bookshop! And then we can fight for the last brownie by telling our saddest TASG story.

  8. I am obsessed with most of your guilty pleasures... and I posted the Air Supply song to my latest blog. HA!

    Love it!

  9. Thanks Shannon - I noticed that you posted that song! That's awesome.

    This is the clip I was referring to in this post:

  10. I made my own list. I do and like a lot of weird things.. but these are the ones I am actually a bit embarrassed about.

    1. Roch Voisine – he’s the male equivalent of Celine Dion. I have all his albums, saw him in concert about 5 times within 4 years… and still buy every new album he puts out. I really want to see him live again soon.
    2. Wedding Reality Shows – This goes against my personality in so many ways… but I love Rich Bride, Poor Bride. It’s on a channel called Slice and it’s Canadian and very entertaining. I’ve cut way back though – mostly because the channel doesn’t show it as much. I also enjoy Wedding S.O.S. These shows make me sick to my stomach about the thought of ever planning a wedding and I would probably elope or do the courthouse thing if I ever were to get married.
    3. Degrassi: the Next Generation – I loved the original Degrassi series, and when this started many years back I started watching. I realize that I’m now far too old to love this show… but I have been regularly watching it for the past season or two. I did NOT go back and watch ALL the seasons of the new series though, and I do not intend to. Degrassi. It goes there.
    4. America’s Next Top Model – The only other reality show I love (I swear!). I’ve been a faithful viewer of every single season. I mostly enjoy watching the photo shoots and some of the challenges are fun too. And watching stupid vain girls crack under the pressure (of looking pretty!) is entertaining as well.
    5. Pasta – While it’s absolutely necessary to eat… I do love pasta way more than I should. If it was possible, I’d eat pasta every day. I want an Italian chef.


  11. Yeah, those are some guilty pleasures!