Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Calling the Transatlantic Rescue Squad!

The Brit begins another long commute home, after a hard day at work. All he wants is his nice warm bed, or perhaps a nice cold pint. But his daydreams are interrupted by a noise. An annoying noise. A tinny, annoying, irritating noise...

No! It can't be! Evil Loud Music Chav Girl! Being able to hear somebody else's music while stuck in a train carriage is the Brit's Kryptonite. It turns him from a mild-mannered, rather pleasant young man into a slobbering, growling, rage-filled beast, like this:That can't be allowed to happen - he can't control his powers when in Rage-Beast form. He quickly summons his superhero support group. Within minutes, the Yank arrives, accompanied by her faithful companion, Goat Man.

They immediately set about drowning out Evil Loud Music Chav Girl's offensive tunes with some excellent songs of their very own invention. The Brit feels the rage begin to subside. Meanwhile, the Canuck has arrived and his doing her very best to avert the disaster that would ensue should the Rage Beast appear in the enclosed space that is a tube train.

She...erm...floats through the carriage, spreading cinnamon hearts and, aided by her sidekick Yoga Cat, restores the mob of angry commuters into the group of polite, quiet and ever so British individuals they started the journey as.

"WELL DONE TASG!" The Brit cries joyfully, relieved that his evil alter ego will not be revealed. "Come, I owe you both a pint, seeing as you did, like, fly across the Atlantic to stop me kicking off."

And so they went to the pub, which Evil Loud Music Chav Girl could not enter as she had no ID.

DISCLAIMER: Allison & Lauren: I can't draw, so please don't take offence at my doodles. Rest assured you look nothing like the above. The 'art' tag is meant to be ironic. Allison: I'm unsure as to why you've adopted such a Christ-like pose. Lauren: I apologise for your outfit, and hope you don't mind me drawing Goat Man.

Also, Yoga Cat is in the pub picture, you may not be able to see him. I didn't want you to think I didn't buy him a drink, too. He's in the bottom left corner of the window.

Tune into Friday's edition of the Transatlantic SUPERHERO Group (see what I did there?), brought to you by the Yank.


  1. Tom this made my day! Oh man! So hilarious! I love your drawings! Yoga Cat! I love it!

    Laughing so hard (in a good way) This week is excellent!

  2. Okay, I LOVE this. Well done Tom! I laughed really hard. That drawing of me and Goat Man is hysterical. Also, I love Christ-like Allison and her Yoga Cat. So good.