Monday, 18 April 2011

Bad Medicine

Before I, The Organized One, introduce this week's topic, I have two items to discuss:

1) If you're on 20-Something Bloggers and haven't voted for May's Blogger of the Month yet, please consider voting for Tom. I nominated him again!

2) Last week's posts were too funny. Lauren's epic comic was amazing. Hope you enjoyed it! Is this something you'd like us to do again in the future? Any artists out there interested in drawing us something?

Okay, so this week we're discussing our bad habits - past and present.

So what are my bad habits?

Here we go:

1) Junk food...specifically sweets: I have no will-power when it comes to chocolate, or cake or pie or know what I mean. My mom was shocked when my blood test came back last month and revealed that I DIDN'T have diabetes.

2) I recycle boys: Guilty as charged. I will meet someone, like him a lot, things go bad, I stop talking to him...sometimes for years, and then he reappears in my life, apologizes, I believe him, and the cycle begins again. Now, there is a chance that one of these times it will work out for me. I keep hoping, anyways. Don't judge me!

3) I fixate on my flaws: Specifically my skin. This is probably my worst habit. If I have a zit or even just a small irritation I can't leave it alone. For years my mother has been harping on me, "don't touch it and it will go away." It's a nervous habit and I really hate it. It's kind of like how little kids suck their thumb.

4) I overreact a lot: Maybe because I'm an emotional person I tend to jump to conclusions and freak out over the smallest things. I wish I could be more laid back and chilled out, but I'm just not. This personality defect has caused me to clash with others. I wish I could learn to let go.

Sorry this post is sort of short - I am going to eat dinner soon and then head to the pub for quiz night.

Oh, I leave for my trip in two weeks!

See ya Wednesday Tom!

Game 3 tonight! Woo. (Loving hockey is NOT a bad habit)


  1. Loving Hockey isn't a bad habit...

    But loving the Habs is :P

  2. I do #1 and 3 a lot. I don't really recycle boys but I do get hung up on the wrong people for ever and ever, which is a different form of the same problem.

    Also, I think we should do something with a cartoon element on here again. That was way too much fun last week.

  3. Yeah - I obsess about some guys for way longer than it's healthy. I agree, it's a variation of the same problem.

    Yeah the cartoon posts were super fun! Maybe once a month? Email me and we can discuss.