Monday, 28 March 2011

The World is Mine!

Obey my dog! (*my parent's dog)

Did you know if you play The White Album backwards it says “Tom isn’t Dead?” True story (*not actually).

Tom isn’t dead, but he’s been quite busy at work and now he’s on a business trip in Italy. I know, Lauren and I kinda scratch our heads at this one. “Business trip?” It’s a foreign word for us. So this week there will be a bit of a switcheroo and Lauren will post on Wednesday (I think, she never actually agreed to this) and Tom will post TWICE on Friday - yep he’s agreed to make up for his lack of posting last week by writing his Pet Peeves post as well as this week’s. He’s a good sport that Tom. I feel like a bit of a control freak when it comes to this blog. While I embrace some of Lauren’s Boho qualities, I am also a bit of an organization junky. Not when it comes to say, cleaning my room, but I like to live on a schedule. Especially now - as it keeps me sane. So I just wanted to explain what’s going down this week on The TASG!

Okay, so I asked Tom for a topic this week - and he said he wanted us to write about a completely made-up situation where we are magically the leader of our respective countries (Queen, King, Prime Minister, President) and we have to write about the perfect world we would create, but in a silly way - non-political. This will be hard for me because my country just called an election for May. I’d love to talk about how I’d banish Stephen Harper as my first order of business, but that just wouldn’t be very “Canadian” of me. We are supposed to be nice, right? (Um, attack ads anyone?).

Okay, enough about politics!

My Perfect World (Or Canada)

In my perfect world everyone would automatically have a career in whatever it is that they’re good at. No one would end up in a job they truly hate and everyone would be happy to go to work for the most part.

Television shows such as Teen Mom and Jersey Shore and whatever other crap MTV produces would be banned. Only clever shows with talented people would be permitted.

I would make it mandatory for everyone to go outside for a walk for at least 15 minutes everyday. This would take people away from their computers, give them fresh air and force them to get some exercise.

This is pretty hard...all my ideas have some sort of social or political slant... Hmm...silly ideas...Oh! Chocolate would be added to the government issued food guide.

I would create a national “Read a Book Day” where everyone would be given the day off to read and relax and avoid technology for once.

While these ideas are far fetched and not possible, it’s fun to dream, right?

See you (hopefully) on Wednesday lalalalauren!


  1. I'm glad you're an organization junkie - if the TASG didn't have you onboard we would never get anything done.

    And I love your ideas for a perfect world.
    Yes, let's get rid of Jersey Shore.
    Brilliant. :)

  2. Down with Jersey Shore! Woo!