Monday, 21 March 2011

What the $%&#? (A Rant from The Canuck)

I got an email from the lovely lalalalauren yesterday with the topic for this week. Pet peeves! So while it’s fun to write posts about silly things, sometimes it’s good to get back to the nitty gritty of this blog and address things that seem more 20-something centric. Yes, everyone has pet peeves - all ages - but I feel like I can really talk about pet peeves that pertain to my particular station in life with this week’s post. Actually, this post will probably end up being pretty silly still.

So here we go!

One of my biggest annoyances is when people say they’ll do something but bail at the last second. Again, yes - I know this is a universal problem. But for me I feel like I wait around a lot for people. Maybe it’s just my personality, but I tend to believe people when they say they’ll do something at a certain time and most of the time I end up all dressed up with no where to go. What’s worse is that by the time you find out the plans are off it’s too late to do anything else. It’s super annoying. Just because I don’t have children or a boyfriend, husband or dog doesn’t mean my time isn’t valuable. Think about that next time you keep someone waiting only to cancel on them.

Another pet peeve of mine is ignorant drivers. I have a license...I’ve had a license for almost 10 years now - I know how to drive. I don’t, however, own a car. Because I don’t own a car I end up walking most places. I am a very law-abiding pedestrian and I very rarely jaywalk. I have almost been hit by cars at least ten times while I was making safe and legal crosses. Yes, I have headphones in my ears - but I’m not blind. Stop trying to run me down bitches!

This next annoyance is more job specific. I hate it when customers make stupid remarks to me when I’m behind the counter. “Oh, it’s a beautiful day, I bet you wish you didn’t have to work?”

No, I really wanted to work. I don’t enjoy sunshine...Ever.

Also, I hate it when customers take napkins and stuff them into mugs with liquid still in them. I know they think they’re helping, but it would have been more helpful if they just threw the napkins in the garbage. Now I have to reach in and pull the soggy napkin out or find a spoon or fork to get it out with. Thanks for making my job more disgusting.

While I’m ranting, I’ll just add anyone and everyone who treats me like I’m stupid because of my job. I have a four-year degree, but circumstances have not allowed me to better my situation right now. So just drink your coffee and bugger off.

People who blow smoke in my face. Just rude.

Job ads that say they are looking for someone with 2-5 years experience in a field. Can someone tell me how to get two years experience in a job when none of the job ads seem to ever say “entry level”?

Loud and ignorant people ranting loudly (and ignorantly) about how loud an ignorant someone else is. Look in the damn mirror!

Oh, and every celebrity who’s become famous for being a crazy asshole. I’m not even going to say his name because I don’t want people Googling him to stumble upon this. Also, the people who follow this “news” and think it’s great. We need to stop worshiping horrible people!

Another pet peeve of mine is girls who spend too much time thinking about guys. They dress for them, they do their hair for them, and just talk about how hot they are all the time. There is more to life than just boys and whether or not they want to bang you. Read a book sweetheart! (Sorry, that was mean).

I have some Facebook pet peeves. I hate it when people with babies or small children make their kid their profile picture. You are not your baby! Also, I don’t need to know that your baby has explosive diarrhea.

And attention “newly” weds...Your wedding was six months ago, change your picture.

I could go on and on...

I’m trying not to be an angry person, there’s just so many little things in my life that irk me!

Help, I need somebody. No, not just anybody...but Tom! I look forward to reading about your Pet Peeves on Wednesday (or Thursday...or Friday...or Saturday...)

P.S. If you're on 20-Something Bloggers and you love Tom, I nominated him for April's Blogger of the Month. He's currently trailing - so if you haven't voted maybe you should go over there and do so. Team Tom!

Also, if you're an artist/cartoonist I may have something I'm interested in having drawn in relation to this blog.


  1. I <3 you Allison. You touched on so many things that are incredibly frustrating. I hate the job ads that say "2-5 year experience." And smoke in the face is the worst (as someone who lives in an environment where most everyone smokes, I can especially relate to that one).
    Great post. :)

  2. Great topic! I think we'll have fun with this one this week.

    2-5 years experience is balls - I was talking to a man who comes into my work. He has 30 years experience and can't get hired because companies think he's worth too much and his salary expectations will be too high. He just wants a job. This economy blows!

    Smoking is such a crappy habit. I was at Quiz tonight and was the only non-smoker. I prefer situations where I'm in the majority.

  3. "I know they think they’re helping, but it would have been more helpful if they just threw the napkins in the garbage."

    It's hard not to agree with all your "pet" peeves. But especially, as a former waitress, this one!

  4. Yeah - the soggy napkins are super gross.

  5. I totally get the customers who always mention what it's like outside. I'd get that all the time when I worked at A&P. Just the "it sucks that you're at work right now" attitude in general. People work, it's part of life.

    My pet peeve of the week: Bus drivers who miss my bus stop because they're distracted by one of those strange people who chats with the bus driver.
    Also: people who try to talk to me when I'm wearing headphones. Headphones should be the universal symbol for "please don't talk to me."
    ... this is why I want spring to come.
    ... I'm sick of public transit.

  6. I totally get most of these, but the one that is right on the nail for me, is this one:

    "Job ads that say they are looking for someone with 2-5 years experience in a field. Can someone tell me how to get two years experience in a job when none of the job ads seem to ever say “entry level”?"

    In the last 4 months I've applied to about 200 jobs, and every one of them has rejected me because I don't have the minimum experience requirements. To which I ask, how does one gain experience if no-one's willing to hire the unexperienced? None have responded back with an answer to that.

    One of the jobs I've applied to four times now, the posting has been up for 4 months, and they still keep rejecting me on the basis of not enough experience. The saddest part? The job is simple enough for entry level. But because I don't have the minimum 2 years, I'm not good enough. The saddest part? I have a year and a half. That six months apparently is non-negotiable.

  7. Amanda - Yeah, customers making us feel bad about the weather sucks. Um, it's no longer a 9-5 world...people work on the weekend! Also, those who always complain to me about the weather.

    As Douglas Coupland said, "The weather isn't about you."

    Tabs - I hear ya! I have 6 months experience in my field. But I'm also in a field that is dying/changing...and I am probably not up to speed on that transition. I haven't been really applying as diligently as I should be...I've been trying to work on other aspects of my life lately so I can get myself into a positive mindset to tackle the cruel and unfeeling job market!

    Best of luck!

  8. Also, can everyone join me in on a big "Where's Tom?"

    1...2...3..."WHERE'S TOM?"

    Maybe he'll come out from under his desk and post for us :)

    We love you Tom!