Saturday, 12 March 2011

Did You Ever Knooooow That You're My Heroooooo?

I was going to publish a long list of random celebrities and amusing characters that I admire, but after Tom's wonderful post I would feel a little silly and superficial doing that.  So that leaves me with two options for this post:

1.  Write about how Gandhi is my hero.
2.  Write about my undying admiration for Tom himself.

On second thought, I'm just going to forge with my original plan.  Forgive me, Gandhi.

The Yank's List of Heroes (Now Available In Technicolor!)

1.  Amanda Palmer.  She sings her mind and plays the piano like it's a percussion instrument.  She's bold, unafraid, and totally inspirational to me.

2.  Woody Allen.  Though I don't agree with a lot of his lifestyle choices (the adopted step-daughter thing is awkward) and his later work is mediocre at best, I can't deny the influence that this man's movies have had on my sense of humor over the years.

3.  The Profound Barrista Who Wears A Bucket Hat And Works At The Cafe Across The Street From The Wonder Ballroom.  My interactions with this individual have been few and far between, but they have all been memorable.  He has a poetic way with words ("Do you want me to, like, do something to your bagel???") as well as profound insight on the world around him ("See that guy out there crossing the street?  He crosses that street every day and always waits a long time for walk signal to come on because he never presses a button.  You know, sometimes, you have to press the button if you want to cross the street.").  Plus, he makes a mean latte.

4.  My Ancient World Literature Professor In College.  This guy is well into his seventies and writes some of the most twisted, bizarre, and offensive poetry I've ever read.  I took a fiction class from him and he was always complaining that my stories weren't dark enough.  I would get assignments back from him with swear words written into the dialog.  I think I took just about every class he taught.  He was incredibly encouraging when it came to writing.  And one time, when my life got hectic because of band stuff, he let me film one of my rock shows and turn it in for my final project.

5.  Sabrina The Teenage Witch.  Fourth grade wouldn't have been the same without her.

That's a significantly stupid list, but I feel the need to stop after five. 

This people-that-are-my-heroes thing is harder than I thought it would be.

Truth is, I'm inspired by people everyday.  I'm inspired by (most of) my neighbors in the commune.  I have great respect for everyone that takes time to read and comment on my silly blog posts.  I look up to the people in my family who love and support me throughout my ongoing quest to avoid reality.

And of course, there is Gandhi.  And Tom.
(And don't forget Allison!  That crazy Canadian who is trying to steal my hipster title...)

Okay, Lauren is rambling.  Time for bed. 

It's still Friday in my time zone!  This post is not late!  

I am borrowing my mom's computer tonight - here is a scary old picture I found on the desktop...


  1. Foiled by the time zone again!

    I love the bucket hat wearing Barista - we're like bartenders - we observe people, notice patterns. People are always impressed that I remember their's cause you come here every Saturday between 4 and 5 and get the same thing!

    Anyways...I will never be able to steal your hipster title away from you - even if all my heros are Stuff White People Like.

  2. That picture is awesome. And there is nothing wrong with those heroes. Sabrina ruled.

  3. Your professor puts all of my previous crazy professors to shame, I swear. And Sabrina? Hells yes! I wrote a fan letter to her once, when I was 10 I think. She never wrote back.