Friday, 14 January 2011

The Part Of The Show Where We All Eat Croissants...

It's Friday, which means it's time to hear about Lauren's perfect day.  Tom and Allison's fabulous global adventures are pretty hard acts to follow, but here it goes:

Morning:  Paris, France

So there I am, wearing a fur stole and a beret, drinking some fancy, over-priced, French latte, and walking down the street at an hour that is totally unrealistic for me to be awake (here in Portland we all sleep till 11).  And then suddenly, I see that Tom guy that sometimes sends me drunk emails from across the globe.  And I'm like, "Holy shit!  You're that Tom guy that sometimes sends me drunk emails from across the globe!  Want to hang out and eat croissants?!"  And Tom is like, "Oh my gawd, I LOVE CROISSANTS!  Actually, I just ran into Allison and she was eating a croissant."  This blows my mind. 

Me:  "Allison is here too?!" 
Tom:  "Yeah, but I think she's on a date, I don't think we should bother her."   
Me:  "Oh come on.  We should totally bother her."
Tom:  "Okay, if you insist."

So we find Allison.  Her fantasy boyfriend Francois has just left to go wash his hair again, so we show up in time for leftover croissants.  The Eiffel tower is in the distance and I think Pink Martini's "Sympatique" is playing somewhere.  We have a lovely little visit before the time comes for us all to go our separate ways.  Allison vows to make a playlist next Tuesday in honor of the event and Tom lets me borrow his iPod so I can listen to Ace of Base on the way to my next location.

Afternoon:  Easter Island

I'm not entirely sure why, but seeing these weird tiki heads has always been a strange ambition of mine:

There are also some really sweet caves on this island to explore.  And in this fantasy, not only am I a spelunking champion, but I am accompanied by a handsome Chilean archaeologist who knows the layout and history of the caves.  Huzzah!

Evening:  The Egyptian Sand Sea near Siwa, Egypt

Unlike the other two places, this is a place I have been before.  It's actually one of my favorite places in the world, which is why I chose to include it in my perfect day. 

I am riding in a white jeep with an Egyptian man named Abdul and a couple of European tourists.  We stop on the top of a large dune to watch the sunset.  Abdul starts a fire and makes tea.  The red glowing ball known as the sun descends into the horizon and everything in the universe feels right. 

Evening:  Whichever European country has the cutest boys and the best discotheques

This one is fairly self-explanatory.  I am dressed to kill and dancing like there's no tomorrow.  Perfect end to a perfect day, right?  :D

Of course, there is a tomorrow.  I awake to the sound of a knock on my door.  I answer it reluctantly and it's the building manager telling me the water is down once again.  Disoriented, I realize I'm back to my life in Portland. 

And that concludes today's edition of The TASG.  This is The Yank, signing off!

Embarrassing Photo:  Exotic Edition


  1. Thank you for cheering me up - I had a stressful morning at work - that involved a broken fridge and annoying customers. But now I get to comment on blogs and take a nap and dream of all our Perfect Days.

    Challenge accepted in terms of Playlist idea - I'll obviously have to reference this post for it to all make sense!

    That's cool that you've been to Egypt. Must have been amazing. On a earlier draft of my post I used a place I've already been - but decided against it (it was my cottage, but I thought of cooler places - so I scraped it.)

    Are you wrestling an crocodile in this photo? How badass. I touched stingrays and a shark at the zoo - it was weird, but cool.

  2. Now that I’ve ready all your posts, I’d like to invite myself along...

    Morning: I’d crash the Paris breakfast, but I’d probably have a crepe instead. And maybe wine instead of coffee, because in the perfect day, it’s never too early for wine.
    Afternoon: I’d join Lauren on the tour of Easter Island, because I've always wanted to see it too. I promise to give her some alone time with the Chilean man!
    Evening: Athens with Tom sounds lovely! I’d love to see all those ancient buildings too.
    Nighttime: They all sound like great places to party, but I’ll go with NYC and dance badly with Tom.

    * Also going to post my own :)

  3. My perfect day!

    Morning: Breakfast on the beach, then a boat ride out to the Great Barrier Reef, where I would then miraculously know how to swim/dive, and I’d get an up-close look at the reef and fish.
    Afternoon: Lunch in Rome, then a tour of the city on a Vespa scooter.
    Evening: Safari in Kenya, in some sort of jeep vehicle. I'd see tigers and see the sun setting over the grasslands.
    Nighttime: At a club in LA, just to see what it would be like. Partying with some wacky celebrity whose identity I have to keep secret.

  4. Tigers don't live in Africa Amanda...geography was never your thing, eh?

    (she's my friend in real life - so I'm allowed to tease)

  5. Lions then? And gazelles and stuff :P

  6. Playlist is ready to go Lauren...a lot of my casual readers will not understand it, but did it!

  7. I may be kind of biased *however* Bulgaria does have really awesome discotheques & you can find some pretty damn cute assholes *AHEM* i mean boys, there ;) If anything, you'll get to drink for cheap and dance till 6:30 in the morning (at least)! :)