Monday, 10 January 2011

The Day I ate Croissants with Rugby Playing Polar Bears in Tokyo

Tom suggested the topic this week and it’s pretty fun. It’s nice to be creative sometimes. This time of year can be so dreary for those of us in the Northern parts of the world! So, the premise is that we have to breakdown a day into four parts: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Each portion of the day will be “spent” in a different dream place - a place we’d want to be at that time of day, so in our minds we travel the world - escape our realities.

Welcome to my Perfect Day!

Morning: I’m in Paris, France - sitting on the patio of a tiny café enjoying a latte and a croissant. The Eiffel tower can be seen in the distance. I might have a book with me. It’s sunny and warm - jacket weather. My fantasy boyfriend François is sipping his espresso while reading the newspaper. He is wearing a cabbie/golf style hat and a scarf.
Afternoon: I’m in Churchill, Manitoba on a Polar Bear Expedition. I’m in a parka and it’s bloody cold, but I don’t care. I get to see polar bears in the wild and can die happy. Here, I meet a functioning alcoholic named Jim, originally from Winnipeg. He’ll try to get me to eat seal meat and I’ll refuse. He calls me a city slicker, but we’ll still take shots of whisky at the bar.
Evening: I’m in Dublin, Ireland at a pub. It’s cozy and filled with spirited locals. They know I’m a tourist and mock me for it - but it’s all in good fun. I eat a hearty meal of comfort foods while a “football” or rugby match plays on the televisions. I meet a cute local, but I forget his name and start calling him Patrick or Paddy - he does not like this. I ask him, drunkenly, if he can chase all the snakes away from Canada.
Night: I’m in Tokyo, Japan. It’s busy and chaotic - but wonderful. The city lights are spectacular. Nothing makes sense, but it’s okay. I dance with young Japanese boys, and won’t learn a single name. I’ll disappear into the night and wake up in my bed in Ontario - I’ll look out my window and see snow and wonder where all the polar bears are.

But sadly due to time differences, money, and the fact that I'm not adventurous, I am stuck in this for a few more months:

Photo by me.

So this gal, from the Great White North, is signing off till next Monday. So enjoy my fantasy world guys!

Oh!! Canada
See ya Tom - Thanks for the sweet topic idea!


  1. Thanks Lauren - this was a really fun post to write. I probably could have picked 100s of different places for each - but I'm happy with what I picked. I basically started writing it as soon as we settled on this topic.

    Can't wait to read yours on Friday - you better get brainstorming!

  2. That's a really great topic, and I love the title of your post. I want to eat breakfast in Paris too.

  3. Tom really came up with a good one this week! I'd love to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in Paris!

  4. I'm glad you like it Jay.

    I have to be honest, I found it quite depressing. I want to go on holiday now. Still, one can dream. And I should really try looking on the bright side for a change.

    Allison - I was speaking to a colleague about your perfect day today. She agreed with all expect the polar bears, because she's had a recurring dream in which polar bears take over the work. Odd, isn't it.

  5. Well, this isn't a real trip I'll be going on either. In fact I think it would be impossible to do this in a day - To go from Toronto to Paris, Paris to Winnipeg, Winnipeg to Dublin, and then Dublin to Tokyo. So don't be sad, only superheroes can go on such a trip.

    Polar bears are actually going extinct probably - so tell her she doesn't have anything to worry about. But I think it's sad and want to see one before it happens. How did you bring this up with a co-worker? "This girl I know says her perfect day would be..."