Monday, 17 January 2011

I (heart) Maple Syrup! - A TASG Production

Okay guys - welcome to the most EMBARRASSING THING I HAVE EVER DONE ON THIS BLOG. So, we decided to make Vlogs this week about our national stereotypes. As you can see from our header, and our "About Us" section - the three of us are from three different countries. I'm known as The Canuck because I live in Canada. So yeah, I made a video and it's really cheesy.

1) I used Garage Band and iMovie to make it, and my new Canon digital camera. The music at the beginning is from Garage's so cheesy, but I kind of love it.

2) I suck at talking to please don't mock the way I speak...I think I say "Candinadian" at one point.

3) I may never do this again.

I still have an embarrassing photo- because that's a tradition, so here that is...

Nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to show off my
new T-shirt. It says "I <3 Jake Ryan."

Also, I blog a lot about Canada on my main blog My Quarter-life Crisis, here are some examples:

Toronto on the Big Screen

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Oh! Canada! My Favourite Canadians!


  1. I like that you started off dispelling these Canadian stereotypes, but it kind of ended up being you proving most of them are true :P

  2. I loved the beginning, although I'm glad you ended up explaining the stick mix-up. It was cracking me up. :). Once you got going I realized how many stereotypes we really have.

    Nice eyes, btw.

  3. Justin - Are you makin' fun of me? I can't tell. Thanks for watching and commenting!

    Kris - I thought I grabbed my dad's stick. I was trying to do it in one take and was really surprised when the stick actually stuck in the snow and stayed. I did not rehearse that! Once I realized the curve was the wrong way I thought about fixing it but just decided to give up and go inside! We do have a lot of stereotypes.

    Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Okay, you can stop being embarrassed about this video now. You totally rocked it. :D Love the outfit. And the snowball throwing. It was a fun video to watch - I feel like I know more about Canada now! Haha.

  5. Thanks Lauren - You'll have to dazzle us with American misconceptions and stereotypes on Friday.

  6. Haha. No. I wasn't making fun of you at all. I was merely pointing out the irony in the situation.

    P.S. I'm making your and Lauren's gifts soon!

  7. * The content of this blog reflects the likes, dislikes and beliefs of the poster and does not reflect ALL canadians.

    I mailed your gift today...let me know when it arrives safe.

  8. I LOVE IT. I also love your accent and may have to adopt it. And (at the risk of sounding too gushing) echo Kris' comments about your nice eyes.

    I totally did think that Mounties wore that uniform all the time. I apologise for my ignorance - another TASG triumph in that it has broken down the barriers between us and broadened my narrow horizons.

    And I wouldn't have known the stick was the wrong way round. I am that stupid.

    Right, I have a lot of planning to do.

  9. I don't have an accent! Okay, maybe I do! And my eyes are green but they look sort of grey/blue in the video - which is odd.

    Really? My dad's best friend is RCMP and he is a plain clothes officer - meaning he doesn't wear any sort of uniform, just carried a badge. Other RCMP just wear regular police-like uniforms. Reds are only for ceremonies.

    The only reason anyone might notice I had the stick backwards is because at the end I turned it around, but gave up. You might be able to see that the curve is the wrong way.

    Get planning! I want to hear all about the pomp and snobbery of Britannia!

  10. Allison - That was fantastic!! Your uncomfortableness in front of the camera kind of made it entertaining. You have a great sense of humor and I learned a lot about Canadians.

    Glad to be following this blog now

  11. Thanks "Les" - I'm just an awkward person. Glad you've decided to stick around. You should check out some of our older posts - we post on a common theme each week and it's been a fun experience.

  12. You sound exactly like I thought you would, except without an accent really. I couldn't hear an accent anyway. When you said you like syrup on anything, it reminded me of Elf when he puts maple syrup on his spaghetti. I also didn't know that about the RCMP and my uncle is Canadian. He lives in the U.S. though. He is a hockey goalie for a team in Canada, not sure which one.

  13. Jay - Yeah I don't have an accent - well, I have a neutral accent. That's cool about your uncle.

  14. I'm kind of disappointed by the lack of an accent. You sound... normal haha. You don't even have what I consider a northern accent.

    But that happens to me. People think that since I'm from the South I have an accent, but really I just say key phrases (Ya'll, fixin) but I am neutral like you said. So we are teammates in that regard.

    I actually hand't heard of some of the stereotypes that you mentioned, so this was a big educational post for me.

    I admired all the edits you did for the video, from the hockey close-ups to having a snowball thrown at us. Fun times.

    Thank you for making me aware of this post.

  15. Mr.O - This "Northern Accent" you speak of - I think I know what you're talking about and that is a Northern American comes in many forms, and I've heard it (and made fun of it) in Buffalo.

    The only places you'll find accents in Canada is Quebec, the prairies, The Ottawa Valley, the East Coast, and presumably the arctic regions. These are the ones I know about anyways.

    You said you were born in California - so my guess is that because your parents (I'm guessing) don't have accents you learned to talk like them.

    The point of these Vlogs were to talk about our own stereotypes - so from the inside. I could have got political but stayed away from that and kept it light.

    Glad you like it.

  16. Loved this video Allison, no reason to be embarrassed, everything was spot on! Great production skills by the way :)

  17. Thanks Martina! Here's the thing, when I filmed the little intro there was a lot of ambient noise in the background so I thought it needed music - and got carried away. Glad you liked it (as a fellow Canuck).

    Also, I should clarify: When I say "The French" I mean Quebec, not France.

  18. Shucks! I forgot to tell you, I got your gift! I'm a big fan!
    Thank you =]

  19. Wow - glad you got it! And also glad you like it.