Monday, 31 January 2011

'Cause I am a Material Girl (Sort of)

It only makes sense, after a week of us whining about money, that we write about the things we spend it on - specifically things that make us happy, but don't really need. This week's topic:

How We Spoil Ourselves

The good life.

I'm going to list off several things I do that fall into this category:

1) Manicures/Pedicures - I used to do my own nails, but then my friend showed me the good life. Having a friend who offers professional spa services out of her house is pretty awesome. I can get used to this!

2) Drinks out - I don't go out nearly as much as I used to - so when I do I really take advantage of that. Now that I'm a bit older I really appreciate going for a few beers at the pub, or having a classy night drinking $8 glasses of wine. I'm no longer into mainlining gin - though a few G&Ts still do the trick.

3) Dinners out - Dinners out always make me happy, but usually end up costing me a lot. So worth it though. You don't have to cook and you get to have something you might not be able to replicate at home.

4) Going to the movies - Oddly enough I went to the movies three times in January. This isn't normal for me, as I usually only go a few times a year. I saw True Grit, The Fighter and No Strings Attached. I'd really love to see The King's Speech.

5) Buying clothes/shoes/accessories - This is probably how I spoil myself the most. I know we need clothes and shoes to live, but I definitely own more than I need. I try not to be THAT GIRL, but I do like clothes and fashion.

6) Sleeping in - Sleep doesn't cost money, but I certainly do spoil myself by sleeping in a few days a week. Yeah, I'm more productive when I get up earlier, but some days I just need the rest.

I hope you all enjoyed this week's post! How do you spoil yourself?

This is from me to you, Tom...see ya Wednesday!

Photo of my last pedi. Sorry if feet freak you out.


  1. Those are all fabulous things.
    I also own more shoes than I need. And yet, I can always think of an excuse to buy another pair. It's slightly embarrassing but true. A girl has gotta have shoes!

  2. *cough* I'm not a girl, and I own too many shoes. At the height of my addiction I had four pairs of smart shoes, two pairs of trainers and five pairs of converses. That may not compare with your totals, but for a bloke that's quite impressive (or not) right?

    I need to see the King's Speech too - a colleague told me it got a standing ovation in the cinema when he went to see it. Seriously? A standing ovation in a cinema?

  3. lalalalauren - A rockstar has to have kickass shoes! I stand by your addiction!

    Tom - Nothing wrong with a boy with lots of shoes - especially five pairs of converse? What colours did you have?

    A standing ovation, eh? Wow. I need to see it to see if I agree.

    AND...i thought I'd just make it my way to transition to you on Wednesday, since you liked it last week.

  4. Tom, you have more shoes than I do. I have three pairs of Converse and one pair of boots. I want to get more Converse, especially since my green ones fell apart, but I have to save my money for important things.

  5. Potentially the best excuse to 'treat' yourself to a movie is collecting SCENE points with Scotiabank interac or VISA. I don't work there I promise, I just love my free movies :) It's been a year and I don't think I've paid for a movie since I got it...and currently have enough points banked for about 6 movies. You should look into it! :)

    ps: i wish they made points like that for shoes/clothes/accessories hahahahaha

  6. I'm thinking of getting a Scene card - not the debit or Visa - but just the regular one. I might look into it online!

    Yeah, I do have some reward program cards. I'm close to being able to get over $100 worth of stuff from Shopper's Drug Mart!