Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Letter of Apology to the TASG

- Knackered -

This support group has been somewhat less transatlantic than it should have been of late (though I do think Allison's hop across the pond should count).

I wish I could say this was likely to change; that from here onwards it's back to weekly blogging for the Brit. But I fear the reality will be somewhat different.

The topic "My Busy Life" has never been more apt. My life is so busy, it's become an un-life, almost. I'm alive, yes (contrary to how my sporadic blogging would make it seem), but am I really living? Between miserable hours at work and brain-dead hours commuting, plus trips to see N who broke his ankle and is now housebound*, I've had no time to myself. And it's coming to a head. There's a rage and frustration building up inside me that suggests something needs to give.

Something needs to change. If it doesn't, I'm worried the rest of my twenties will pass me by and I'll wake up and realise I spent too much time wallowing in misery or beating back stress to actually enjoy myself.

Guys, I'm sorry. This is a miserable, self-pitying post that won't be any fun to read. But seriously, I've had enough and want to run away to the countryside where birds sing, the sun shines and everybody's happy. The countryside is really like that, right?

Yank & Canuck: despite my silence I hear you and am following the trials and tribulations of your respective lives. I shall update you as soon as I've slapped myself and convinced myself to stop bitching and man up.

* I'd like to stress that N's injury is not one of the things contributing to my mood, I am being fully supportive. I even bought DVDs. And strawberry milk.

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  1. I should have blogged as an honourary Brit while I was away! You should run away to Bath for a weekend. They have the new thermal spas - I didn't go, but it might be nice.

    Hope N has a speedy recovery!