Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Cruel, Cruel Summer...

Actually, it wasn't. But how could I start a summer-themed post without referencing an Ace of Base classic?

So, fear not. My summer wasn't cruel. It wasn't, however, the all-singing, all-dancing booze haze it might have been.

At the beginning of the summer, Neil broke his ankle. Now, summer is his season. He is the fire to my ice* so it was especially hard for him to be holed up inside when he would have preferred to be basking in the sunshine. I actually didn't mind. I thought about changing jobs for a while. That didn't work. My one trip abroad was a one night work trip to Trieste (which is very pretty, I do recommend it).

I know it's incredibly British of me to moan about the weather, but for a long time it didn't feel like summer, rather an extension of spring. It's odd that as soon as the sun did come out - at the beginning of October - things began to look up.

Firstly, I watch my football team trounce local rivals QPR six goals to nil. That's a rare figure for Fulham to reach so I was, I believe understandably, overjoyed.

Then came some more big news. I'm really wary of jinxing it, so forgive me for not saying anything just yet, until it's set in stone, but it's looking like my life may be undergoing a fairly substantial change soon. Nothing huge; I'm not emigrating, crowning myself King of the World or giving up alcohol (or coffee, though kudos to the Canuck for succeeding where I've failed!) any time soon. But there is a possibility that those miserable, my life is going nowhere feelings may be quashed. At least for a while. And if it does happen, I promise you'll hear it here first.

In the meantime, I'd like to thank Allison and Lauren for being patient enough to let me recharge my batteries. It's fair to say that blogging has eluded me this year. I've been running low on inspiration. But I don't want to stop, I just needed some time to think. It wasn't you, TASG, it was me. And I'd like to come back now, if you'll have me?

Ciao for now. Lauren, my favourite new twitterer, I look forward to reading your summer post!


* On the subject of fire and ice, I lost at least two months of my summer to G. R. R. Martin's sprawling fantasy epic A Song Of Ice & Fire. I'm pleased to note that Risha has also succumbed to the temptations of Westeros. This makes me feel much better about myself.


  1. We'll always have you back! You never left, you just took some time off. Congrats on Fulham's performance. My boyfriend is a United fan - so I am too by default, but as long as they aren't playing each other, I'll root for Fulham :)

    Hope Neil has recovered :)

  2. Oh gods, R.R. Martin's series is sitting on my shelf at the moment.. taunting me. I keep saying "..finish Infinite Jest first, THEN start Song of Ice and Fire series." ..but I really do not know if I am going to make it through all 900+ pages before succumbing to the weakness that is my lack of willpower. I know that series will own my soul until I finish the very last page too..

  3. @ Allison -Neil's Fine now. Even the limp has disappeared! Not Man U! Say it's nit true (I am If course only jealous because they always win everything and we...well...don't. Ever.

    @ Martina - read it! I promise you'll love it. I managed to resurface before spending £20 on the hardback edition of the latest instalment. I'm forcing myself to wait for the paperback!