Tuesday, 21 June 2011

We're On a Break!

Summer = Summer dresses

We're not dead...we're just lazy busy. Collectively we have decided not to kill this blog, but to take a bit of a summer vacation from the weekly posting. This blog will remain semi-active (hopefully) through the summer months, just not regularly. We can just post here when it seems appropriate - stuff that just doesn't fit on our main blogs. In the fall, hopefully, we can get back into it and we'll do the Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing again.

Stuff that's been on my mind lately...

Hmm...everyone on my Facebook from high school seems to be getting married, engaged or having babies. It's terrifying. My sort of ex's brother just married a girl who was once a very good friend of mine this past weekend. Her and I don't talk anymore. I'm not sad about the "sort of" ex, he was an asshole, but I do feel that this marriage has sealed the deal that my high school life is over. I have very few friends left from high school. That said, those who've stuck around have been the best people I've even known!

I saw the movie Bridesmaids recently and it really made me think about the collection of friends you have. Friends from childhood, friends from high school, friends from university/college, friends from work, family friends. I know we already tackled the subject of friendship, but as I get older the topic becomes more relevant. Who will stick by you till the end? Who will know you best as you are today? Do people stay the same or change? A bit of both I think.

I am pretty happy with my life right now though...even if I'm still not gainfully employed. I'm feeling better about life and loved ones. If I had to fill a wedding party today (don't worry, this is totally hypothetical) I don't think I'd have a problem.

Anyways, hopefully you'll hear from Lauren and Tom sometime this summer!


The Canuck!


  1. I totally understand! Might as well enjoy the summer XD

  2. You're right -- everyone on Facebook from highschool IS getting married, having babies, or is engaged. Geez, people.

    The last "giving birth" album that popped into my newsfeed included a picture of the mother's placenta. Just the placenta. Sitting on an operating table. I don't understand.

  3. Tabs - yeah, things were just falling behind and getting hectic for everyone.

    K-money - Gross about the peacenta...nothing's private anymore. A girl on mine showed a fully naked photo of her baby boy...in all his glory. Um, I don't need to see anyone's balls on Facebook...ever.